Most of our wardrobes can be broken down for ease of delivery into houses with low ceilings or narrow hallways/stairs.

We only buy wardrobes with sufficient depth to accommodate coat hangers used today.

A few have been left unfinished so that you may have the choice of wax, painted or any other alternative finish.




German 2 Door Wardrobe

With 1 Long Drawer Below

Length 105  Depth 60  Height 180




German Triple Wardrobe

Width 191  Depth 68  Height 210

Shelves and Full Hanging Space




Painted Robe with

Shelves Above Drawers in the Middle

Section & Slide Out Dressing Table Top

Hanging Space Either Side

Width 205  Depth 61  Height 218




German 3 Door Wardrobe

3 Full Depth Drawers Below

Length 150  Height 200  Depth 64





(No photo yet)

Large German 2 Door Wardrobe

2 Drawers Below

Length 141  Depth 60  Height 200

 (Unfinished at the moment)